Dogs for adoption

There is a power struggle that is hurting some small business owners. Potential medical marijuana dispensary operators are stuck in the middle while the county and state argue over who has the authority to issue licenses. One week the county will meet to try and fight for the right to help eight marijuana businesses open up.... right now a stalemate has those businesses in jeopardy

The 16 dogs that survived a house fire are finally seeing an end to their misery. The rescued dogs have had a very rough life so far but will soon be settling into new forever homes. They are among dozens taken from a dog hoarder in North Las Vegas who was keeping nearly 100 animals in his tiny home when a fire killed most of them. More than two dozen still need rehabilitation while others are ready to be adopted.

news 3's kelsey thomas is live at the animal foundation... where the dogs are waiting for those special families to arrive.

it was a heartbreaking scene on september 28th.

frightened dogs carried out by firefighters... after flames ripped through this rental property owned by north las vegas councilman isaac barron.

45 dogs were killed in the fire.

more than 50 others were taken to the animal foundation.

of those... 16 are healthy and waiting to be adopted.

they came in filthy, terrified and exhausted.

as you can see, they are now curious and playful.. and just need a little extra love.