Illegally inked: Sex slave victim shares horrific ordeal

LAS VEGAS (KSNV -- This victim admits she worked in the sex industry.

However, she was pulled deeper into this underworld and forced to have sex for another man's profit -- the definition of sex trafficking.

"I was an adult entertainer when I was young," said the victim, whose identity is disguised for her protection. "That led to an addiction go into prostitution. That was pretty hard going through; that was rough."

Coming Wednesday: Find out how the sex slave victim was able to go home and find a new future with a new face -- with the help of a local doctor. On News 3 at 5.Also rough were the pimps that surrounded her.

"One dude saying anyone who got caught stealing (expletive deleted), he'd cut up the bottom of their feet, stick them 100 miles outside of Vegas so they could walk back," the victim said. "Those are the people I hung out with."

Then another demon walked into her life.

"This man met me and told me he was going to make me an elaborate tattoo model and I was going to make all this money, $70,000 contract," she said. "When you don't have anything, you have nothing to lose. So I packed the one bag of stripper attire I had."

The victim traveled outside of Las Vegas. That's where she learned what she really signed up for -- pornography: videotaped having sex while getting tattooed by her pimp.

"He didn't start out working on a sleeve or anything else, he went right for the face," she said. "During this, the sex was rough mean, very dominant.

"He branded his name across my head, and after it was done, I looked in the mirror I had a freak out."

Immediately, she wanted to leave, but sex traffickers don't let go easily. The victim's attacker wanted more control.

"He had a weird cultural thought that I should be grateful, I should be bowing down. He saved my life," she said. "Once I wouldn't bow completely down, I was kicked to the curb with this on my face, name on my forehead and less than $500 dollars to get back home with."