iPAD DEATH: Witnesses provide details leading to attack

LAS VEGAS (KSNV & MyNews3) -- People who watched a teen die trying to hold on to his iPad are speaking out. Their testimony paints the picture of how 15-year-old Marcos Arenas died.

Witnesses include a sign twirler who saw Marcos Arenas walk by and then the accused killer sprint to attack.
There is also a driver who was parked behind the getaway SUV.

One thing is clear, the witnesses' vivid descriptions of the attack will play a key role in the trial of Arenas' two accused killers.
Witnesses describe a brutal beating of victim Arenas on May16.

Jacob Dismont is accused of punching Arenas multiple times as Dismont tried to steal that iPad.

But according to witnesses Arenas, tried to keep hold of his device.

One of the most compelling accounts is from Arenas' best friend who testified he begged his friend to stop chasing.

But watched in horror as Arenas followed Dismont to a white explorer parked at the median.

Police say waiting inside that SUV was Dismont's accomplice and getaway driver Michael Solid.
Witnesses say once the robber got in, the driver sped away.

Arenas held to the passenger-side window, according to witnesses, until he fell off.

Witnesses say Arenas was run over by the vehicle and died hours later.

According to investigators, once the suspect vehicle was located, flame decals were added to the exterior

Detectives examined a text conversation between Dismont and his half-brother, Brian Goodwin.

Goodwin's advice: wipe down the right side of the truck, get the tires changed according to detectives Dismont said he would burn the old ones...

Jacob Dismont and Michael Solid are being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center. They're accused of robbery, conspiracy, and murder.