New York authorities convinced two killers will be found

NEW YORK -- The search continues for two convicted killers after a prison break 18 days ago in New York.

Killers Richard Matt and David Sweat are still on the loose while an army of searchers claim to have found DNA inside a cabin within 20 miles from where the pair sawed through iron and steel to the sewers that led them to freedom.

There is also an investigation in to the prison tailor who apparently admitted to sneaking a saw blade in to the facility inside frozen hamburger meat.

A source inside the prison tells CNN, another guard was convinced by Mitchell to not x-ray the meat. That guard could also face trouble.

Meanwhile, ABC News has unearthed home video of Matt from the late 1990s where he shows himself shooting a blow dart gun.

"We're going to dip these in aids blood, and we'll put a patent on them and sell them as deadly weapons," Matt is heard saying in the video.

The video was reportedly taken just nine months before Matt murdered and dismembered the body of his former boss.

While the search approaches a third week, Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill of Franklin County, New York says he's confident the pair will be found.

"It's all very heavy dense forest that leads into some swampy area. It's difficult terrain when you're in good shape and on a good day," Mulverhill said. "If they're here, we're gonna get 'em"