NOT SOBER NOT SORRY: DUI offenders admit repeat offenses at panel

LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) -- The oldest anti-DUI program in the valley -- STOP DUI -- says 92 percent of the people who attend its Victim Impact Panel never offend again.

Coming Thursday: We'll look at what can be done -- if anything -- to help people who are quite literally sick enough, because of addiction, to get needed additional help.But some -- cops say -- just don't get the message and keep coming back after repeat DUI arrests.

A News 3 team investigated this community problem the past two months.

Having offenders arrive inebriated is a phenomenon police say they see at each and every Victim Impact Panel.

STOP DUI's Sandy Heverly called it "mind-boggling" that people convicted of dui continue to arrive at these panels under the influence.

Police and judges say the repeat offender represents a segment of the problem where people are genuinely, classically sick.

Sick people -- they say -- don't get the logic or the lessons of the STOP DUI class.