NOT SOBER NOT SORRY: DUI offenders do not always understand their crime

LAS VEGAS (KSNV & MyNews3) -- News 3 spent two months investigating DUI offenders showing up to hear victims' stories of tragedy while the offenders were drunk or stoned.

Some offenders were thumbing their nose at the program.

Some offenders were thumbing their nose at the program.

News 3's Reed Cowan shows viewers what he found, in part two his investigative series.

Monday night News 3 showed the dilemma of police officers who say people show up drunk to hear victims of DUI speak.

Tonight Cowan has an example of that problem and the reason why police say some just don't get it.

One after another, people suspected of showing up drunk to stop DUI's victim impact panel are booted.

Attending the panel even a little under the influence is a rule breaker. Driving there impaired is unthinkable.

Meet repeat offender Sadie Cooper.

Cooper was first picked up by police in 2010 but doesn't appear to have learned much.

Out of sorts, she first takes a breathalyzer test then jokes her way through a field sobriety test.

"one, two...uh huh... I can't even do this," She says.

Cooper insists she's not drunk, not on drugs and that our camera lights are throwing off her test.

So... we leave.

Again she flunks the field sobriety test... and when the cameras return... Cooper is handcuffed.

"What law did i going to let me answer...for suspicion of DUI," she says.

Police are saying they watched Cooper drive her car to the panel. This is something she denied over and over.

"I wasn't driving," Cooper said. "kow are you going to arrest me? you're kidding me right?"

Blaming police, blaming the system, blaming everyone and everything but themselves. Cooper's story changing by the minute.

First she denies taking any drugs. Then she says it's prescription meds for headaches, then, thinking our camera is off, she concedes.

"It's weed and just anything," she says.

After trying to wiggle out of her handcuffs...

Police put her in a police cruiser and are shaking their heads that anyone would show up drunk or stoned to hear victims speak and saying people just don't get it.

Yes, what Cooper did was wrong. Yes, she broke the law. But it's clear watching her this is a human being who needs help and she is just one of many when it comes to repeat offenders.

Tomorrow night, viewera will see why Stop DUI is exasperated about repeat offenders. Some we interviewed have come to class for their third and fourth times.