Rapper, accomplice arrested in child sex trafficking case

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - A Las Vegas rapper and his accomplice were arrested for allegedly kidnapping and forcing a 15-year-old girl into prostitution.

Danny Flores, 26, and Mitzi Flores, 25, face several charges, including first-degree kidnapping, sex trafficking of a child under 16, accepting earnings of a prostitute, child abuse or neglect and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking. Danny Flores is a local rapper who has gained notoriety on social media.

An arrest report obtained by News 3 said the Floreses lured the teen victim to the Las Vegas Strip and forced her to work casino floors.

"I agree; this is an egregious case," said Judge Conrad Hafen in court Thursday morning.

Incriminating text messages paint a disturbing picture of the underground world of child sex trafficking. One text message said, "Hold On Lemme ask, How Much You Charge For Massage & [sex act]?"

This story is all too common in southern Nevada. Last year, Metro police rescued 107 children from sex trafficking in Clark County.

"When you have been sex trafficked, you are a victim of a lot of things: sexual assault, domestic violence, homelessness," said Esther Rodriquez Brown, who devotes her life to the Embracing Project which helps child sex victims.

"One of the biggest challenges is trust, [the victims] have this bond of trust with the trafficker and it's very difficult for others to break through."

Brown said that there is no stereotype of what a sex trafficker looks like but it often begins with a romantic relationship where the trafficker preys on the vulnerable.

"Maybe [the victims] already have some type of problem at home, some low self-esteem, some previous sexual abuse or physical abuse - but it can also happen to children that are raised in a home with love and care as well," Brown said.

The bail for Danny and Mitzi Flores was set at $250,000 and $200,000 respectively. They are expected back in court on Dec. 3.
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