Sandra Gonzalez

Sandra is happy to be back in her Western roots. The award winning reporter has been covering news for more than two decades in New Orleans, Bakersfield, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Sandra arrived in Las Vegas in September 2012, from New Orleans after covering life after Hurricane Katrina for six years. She learned so much of what a region experiences for years after a natural disaster, and how a community can stand up to challenges. That's what strikes Sandra the most, the human spirit in trying times.

The stories that have stuck with her over the years are many but include the mass shooting at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth Texas 1999, witnessing an execution, the troops who have sacrificed their lives in war, and the spraying of pesticides on dozens of Latino farm workers.

Sandra is thrilled to be back close to her family in Southern California. When she's not on the clock, she's probably taking pictures of unique Nevada landscape, exercising, or trying new recipes. And of course looking for great Mexican food, her favorite next to New Orleans food.

Sandra can be found on Facebook and Twitter.