After chasing eclipses across globe, Missouri couple welcomes one coming to them


You could say the way the moon moves around the Earth has pulled Billy and Sharon Hahs around the world.

Over the past three decades, the Kirkwood couple has traveled to six continents, chasing 19 total solar eclipses.

It began in 1991, when Billy decided a total solar eclipse was enough of an excuse to take Sharon to Costa Rica.

"Of course I'd heard of an eclipse, but I'd never seen one," he says.

Sharon uses the camera to capture the eclipses, and Billy the paint brush.

"I thought the only way to really capture it, kind of like Galileo did, is to, you know, paint it yourself," he says.

They try to capture what so few ever experience.

"We keep telling our families this is great, now we're going to show them," Sharon says.

When the total eclipse passes through on August 21, they hope their hometown will take about two minutes to pause and appreciate what's kept them on the go for more than 25 years.

"Even in our modern world where we can analyze it and we know what's happening, that moment where it blocks out the sun is really a kind of fascinating experience," Billy says.

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