Baby kangaroo abandoned by her mother on the mend at Florida zoo

An abandoned baby kangaroo has a new set of human parents at Florida's Brevard Zoo.

She's just five months old, and looks ever-so-helpless, shivering when she's out of her pouch. Baby kangaroos usually don't emerge until they're 6 or 7 months old, zoo staffers said.

"They're really not used to being out of the pouch, so this isn't as comfortable for her to come out. But we do just like to get a weight on her every day," said zoological manager Lauren Hinson while transferring the kangaroo to a scale.

Hinson finds herself in the unexpected position of mother kangaroo. The baby was abandoned when her mother was frightened in a storm.

What do you do with a baby kangaroo? Why, put it in a pouch.

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