‘I thought it was fake’: Florida teen describes shark bite that injured him

Florida teen describes shark bite that left him on crutches. (NBC News)

A Florida teen who survived a shark bite at Jacksonville's Hanna Park says he plans to surf again.

"It hasn't really kicked in," said Keanan Perry, 17.

"I still just wake up and I just feel injured, you know? I'm not like, 'Oh I got bit by a shark,' just like, 'My foot's hurt.' That's all I think."

Perry said he was surfing and caught a wave all the way in to shore Friday and landed in a sandbar. As soon as his toes hit the sand, he felt something clamp down on his foot and ankle.

He never saw the shark and didn't realize what happened until he pulled his foot out of the water.

"You can like see the rows of teeth on the very bottom. You can see it's like nice, clean rows," Perry said.

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