Michigan man crushed after loss of prize-winning 1960 Corvette

Michigan man says he's heartbroken after the loss of his prize-winning 1960 Corvette. (NBC News)

A Bellaire man is heartbroken after his classic car stolen and trashed.

Dave Fischbach has been fixing up and showing classic cars for about 45 years.

"I've been a car guy my whole life," he says.

He says he loved his 1960 Corvette that he purchased in 2002. It took him around 10 years to decide what to do with it, but then he and his team started restoring it.

"It was a 1960 original body Corvette that we had turned into what they call a resto-mod," he says.

It's won the title at the Corvette Nationals three years in a row.

"It rode like a new car, it steered like a new car, performed like a new car," Fischbach says.

But all that's gone now.

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