Modern travelers seeking unique experiences abroad finding the help

Modern travelers looking for unique experiences abroad now have help finding it. (NBC News)

Modern travelers will go to great heights to get a memorable experience on vacation, and companies like Get Your Guide are capitalizing on this growing sector of the travel industry by curating and personalizing destination activities.

"We're basically your online travel assistant and that's whether you're on your computer or your cell phone, wherever you go you can find and book really great stuff," explains Get Your Guide's Johannes Reck.

That "stuff" people are booking isn't your mainstream sightseeing or souvenir shopping.

Get Your Guide says consumers want unique, exclusive experiences, like seeing the city from behind the wheel of a mini hotrod, dining like a local or learning about the street art subculture with a graffiti tour guide.

The company currently offers more than 30,000 tours, activities and attractions.

Get Your Guide suggests booking some activities about a week before departure to ensure you'll get a spot and cruise through your vacation, stress-free.

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