NASA: Astronauts prepare for 2018 launches from Cape Canaveral

NASA says manned spaceflights launched from Kennedy Space Center on track to resume by June 2018. (NBC News)

Efforts by Boeing and SpaceX to launch astronauts from Cape Canaveral remain on schedule and manned flights could begin within the next year, NASA says.

NASA released last week its "most recent publicly-releasable dates" of SpaceX's Dragon 2 and Boeing's CST-100 Starliner.

SpaceX is on track to launch a test flight in February 2018, and a crewed flight in June 2018 while Boeing plans to launch a test in flight in June 2018 and a manned flight in August 2018.

The last time astronauts launched into space from the Cape was 2011. NASA awarded contracts in 2014 to launch astronauts to Boeing and SpaceX.

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