Shoplifters in Ky. pepper-spray Walmart greeter when she asks to see receipt

Witnesses say man pepper-sprayed 80-year-old greeter when she asked to see his receipt, then fled the store. (NBC News)

Police are searching for two suspects in a shoplifting case that turned violent.

Police say that the 80-year-old Walmart employee attempted to stop the two as they tried to exit the store. The male suspect turned around and sprayed the worker in the face and fled.

Witnesses say the greeter simply asked the man for his receipt.

"She had orange all over her face where they had sprayed her," said Kasey Pescor. "We got her in a wheelchair to make sure that she could walk because she couldn't see anything."

Police are also looking for a female accomplice who may have handed the man pepper spray as they walked in.

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