Texas police officers pitch in to help young burglary victim for her birthday


Several police officers in Wichita Falls rushed to help a little girl after her savings was stolen just one day before her 8th birthday.

Cynthia Caldwell and her youngest daughter, Mia, were out of town when their house was burglarized, and the thief made off with the $61 Mia recently saved.

Mia's older sister was home at the time.

"So about 2:30 in the morning, she heard rustling in my drawers and she walks out of her room and catches somebody in my room," Cynthia Caldwell said. "She said, 'What are you doing in my mom's room?' And he just walks out the door."

When Mia arrived back home, she immediately went to her bedroom and noticed all of her money was gone.

"I was really mad and I started bursting out in tears because I've been saving this money for my birthday," Mia said.

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