'This guy was obviously in trouble': Fla. Uber driver saves bridge jumper

Florida Uber driver senses something is wrong when passenger asks to be dropped off at the top of St. Petersburg's Sunshine Skyway Bridge. (NBC News)

Taking time to listen and understand someone else's personal pain is not something Uber drivers are necessarily required to do, but Chad Farley did, and he wound up saving the life of a stranger.

The St. Petersburg, Florida Uber driver made several smart decisions after realizing his passenger was in serious trouble.

"The Bible says a broken spirit, we can bear that, and that's what he was, a broken spirit," Farley says of the distraught passenger he picked up.

He described what took place inside his car saying, "This guy was obviously in trouble. He was obviously in trouble. This guy was just told that 'you got brain cancer.'"

He said the late night rider asked to be dropped off at the top of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The peak of the span sits about 200 feet above the dark Gulf waters.

Instead, Farley pulled into the Skyway's North Pier parking area. He said that's where he began to pray with his passenger.

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