Rip-Off Alert: School falls victim to phishing scam

Another school has fallen victim to a phishing scam, involving their employees' W-2 forms. (KSNV file)

Another school falls victim to a scam that took private information with a click.

It started with an email that appeared legitimate.

It's a security breach that's left a Connecticut public school system scrambling.

Every paid employee in one district -- more than 1,300 people -- had their personal information mistakenly sent to a scammer.

Superintendent Michael Graner says someone pretending to be him sent an email to the business office requesting information on personnel W-2 forms.

An employee responded and sent the forms and quickly, the superintendent discovered what happened.

The district immediately notified police. Several other agencies including the FBI and IRS are also involved.

The superintendent says it appears the email could have gone out to other school districts.

More than a month ago, the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services warned of this exact kind of phishing scam.

The commissioner then gave advice on how to avoid becoming a victim.

"It can look very real. It's very easy to do that, unfortunately," said Kevin Sullivan, Commissioner of Revenue Services. "It won't hurt. The boss won't be mad. The head of payroll won't be mad if you say, 'I would like to get you that information, but let me just confirm with the person who you say ordered it.'"

The school superintendent says they've had standard cyber security training in the past but that they clearly need to review their proceedings, adding that he has never asked for W-2 forms via email and that it should have raised red flags.

The district has now alerted employees about the data breach and actions they should take.

Credit monitoring services have already been purchased for everyone affected.

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