Rip-Off Alert | Thief impersonates police officer to rob family

A thief impersonated a Columbus Police Department Officer in order to rob a family in Ohio. (KSNV file)

One rip-off started with a robber in disguise ... and his get-up would fool just about anyone.

The man came into a Columbus, Ohio home as someone else walked out.

Tony Stanley's home camera was rolling as he was inside taking commands from the man calling himself a police officer, saying a gun was pointed at him the entire time and that the man said he had a search warrant.

Our Sinclair sister station learned Stanley's daughter's friend and a little girl they were watching had to abide too, up until the so-called cop specifically asked for Stanley's safe.

"When he had me get the safe out and put it in the living room, he had us on our knees," said Stanley.

"He's representing Columbus police officers and we don't like someone pretending to be us," said CPD Lt. Wade Spears.

Police now say the man wearing the badge and bullet proof vest wasn't an officer ... but a thief.

"We're never going to go in with just one officer in a tactical type of situation," said Lt. Spears.

But, since raids can be high-stress, Spears says officers don't always knock and announce.

Spears doesn't advise anyone to question an armed and badged intruder.

At this point, police don't know if the badge is real or fake. But so far, several Columbus Police badges have been stolen this year.

That family is still on edge while police continue to search for the imposter cop.

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