Rip-Off Alert | Woman ripped-off in work-from-home scam

Looking for a little extra work to kick off the new year? Proceed with caution. (KSNV file)

Looking for a little extra work to kick off the new year? Proceed with caution. That's the warning from one mom who got ripped off.

The woman from Baton Rouge, La. asked us not to show her face because she is embarrassed about getting involved in a scam.

"It seemed simple. I'm a mother, stay at home, and needed a little extra cash," said the woman. "I applied for a job online, a bookkeeping job. I was emailed back by a company asking me if I would be interested in the job."

She would be paid $800 every two weeks, so she quickly accepted.

"I would mail out payroll checks. They would provide the postage labels and they would provide the checks and all I had to do is put them in the mailbox," she said.

It seemed like the perfect job and she was thrilled to receive her first paycheck. Everything soon changed.

"A day later, my local Postmaster contacted me privately and told me that the postage had been fraudulent," she said.

She could be criminally charged for mailing counterfeit checks and she was scared.

"It was terrifying, I'm a mother of three children, I'm married, and I was just trying to make a little extra money in my home," she said.

"She was then sending fraudulent checks to other individuals, not knowing they were fraudulent checks but then those individuals possibly were cashing those checks," said U.S. Postal Inspector Stephanie Houston.

This victim admits she will take more time to research any potential opportunity she finds in the future.

"I feel a little embarrassed that I fell for it. But at the time, it seemed something very easy for me to do and make a little extra money and be home," she said.

The victim in this story was not criminally charged but was warned to be cautious about any online inquiries she receives.

Postal inspectors say if you post your resume on the internet, research any company that shows interest. If they only correspond via text or email, that is a red flag that it may not be legitimate. Ask to speak to someone.

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