The new dark film 'Good Time' is anything but a good time

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GOOD TIME (2017)

Score: B

Rated R for language, violence, drug use, and sexual content

Running time of 101 minutes

With most of our reviewed films this summer, the positive comments seem to revolve around strong acting. In this week's featured review, GOOD TIME -- actor Robert Pattinson is finally shedding his vampire persona. Mr. Pattinson delivers a tour de force career-making performance. And it took two of the most interesting young directors to challenge him. Co-directors and brothers Josh and Bennie Safdie (HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT) have made a dark and disturbing film. Honestly, when Mr. Pattinson is on the screen, you cannot take your eyes off him. You also cannot help but feel the depth of his personal pain, anguish, and frustration.

The same kudos go to Bennie Safdie, who, in addition to co-directing, plays Pattinson's disabled brother. I don't think he ever breaks character. His performance is haunting. Another unforgettable character who emerges from the outstanding ensemble is Buddy Duress. He brings humor. He brings hope that there is a final resolution with a happy ending.

The best films always include great camera work, strong editing, and in this case, a pounding musical score. Co-director Josh Safdie is credited for writing the movie together with Ronald Bronstein. They have created one night that can only be described as weird, reckless, and menacing. Sean Price Williams is credited with the non-stop cinematography. The scenes in the theme park are especially brilliant! The music which never loses a pulse is from Daniel Lopatin.

In almost all of our negative reviews, the culprit always seems to be the inferior screenplay. This screenplay is far from being inferior. This crime thriller mixes family and situation. Towards the end, we are exhausted and the heist story does run out of steam. If only ten or fifteen minutes were eliminated from the final editing, that B rating would have been moved up to an A.

All in all, this new dark heist film is a feather in the cap of the Safdie brothers. And Robert Pattinson could possibly receive an Oscar nomination. We should expect great things in the coming years from all three.


We have waited at times, over these past eight months, to welcome quite a few new strong films that will open here in Las Vegas. However, I missed reviewing perhaps "the sleeper hit of the summer": BABY DRIVER. I am looking forward to sharing my review of this film which has already taken in over $100 million domestically and received an A- from CinemaScore. The film has been brought back to be shown in Dolby Vision and 35mm in selected locations around the country. Love those reclining seats.

Next week we will also review AMERICAN ASSASSIN. This much-anticipated film stars Dylan O'Brien (TEEN WOLF; THE MAZE RUNNER TRILOGY) and Michael Keaton. We begin with a terrorist attack. The CIA provides special training in tracking terrorists. We then are brought to Turkey. Will these two men stop a mysterious operative from unleashing chaos of international proportions?

See you at the movies!

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