The power of an intelligent script delivers two new "A" films not to be missed!

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Score: A

Rated PG-13 -- 133 Minutes

THE PROMISE is a historical drama directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Terry George. Mr. George was responsible for the magnificent film, HOTEL RWANDA. The screenplay was written by Mr. George and Robin Swicord (who was responsible for THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON). This is one of the most important films to be released this year.

Turkey's controversial referendum earlier this week which granted expansive new powers to President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an makes it all the more critical why this film should be seen.

The cast includes Oscar Isaac who plays Michael, a brilliant Armenian medical student; Christian Bale plays Chris, a famous American photojournalist; Charlotte Le Bon who plays Ana -- Chris' girlfriend. The major cast also includes Shoreh Aghdashloo, Angela Sarafyan, Jean Reno, and James Cromwell. The ensemble each delivers an outstanding performance.

The true star of this motion picture is the screenplay. In today's new era of "Fake News," our photojournalist is dedicated to exposing the truth. The Ottoman Empire disintegrates before our eyes. The war brings the chaos as only a war can bring. And we are introduced as never before to the Armenian Genocide, the systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians.

To this day, Turkey has never acknowledged the Armenian Genocide.


Score: A

Rated R -- 120 Minutes

For anyone who loves the cinema, there is nothing quite like watching a movie about making a movie! This love story (with a comic edge) takes place in England during the difficult early years of World War II. The movie is helmed by Lone Scherfig, the Danish director of AN EDUCATION (2009). Her film was nominated for three Oscars, including Best Picture of the Year. This was the movie that brought Carey Mulligan her Oscar nomination for Best Actress. It is my hope that the same good luck will fall upon actress Gemma Arterton, who is brilliant in the role of the heroine Catrin. Bill Nighy and Sam Claflin are equally outstanding in their roles.

The screenplay – written by Gaby Chiappe from a novel by Lissa Evans – tells the story of a group of filmmakers who are engaged to boost the morale of their country by making an inspirational movie about the Battle of Dunkirk. At times, the backdrops seem a bit cheap, but overall, Sebastian Blenkov's cinematography creates the darkness and the coldness of a bombed-out London.

The film is both touching and funny. It is wonderful, engaging storytelling with a heart. And, with a soul.

THEIR FINEST is now showing exclusively at the Regal Downtown Summerlin. This film scored with a perfect "A" is just too good to miss.


Score: C

Rated PG-13 -- 136 Minutes

The relationship between the United States and China remains both top of the mind and a paradox this past week. Films such as THE PROMISE and THEIR FINEST are stark reminders that man's inhumanity to man remains perhaps the greatest tragedy of life on this planet. But when it comes to the movie business – boy is it is one planet!

Consider this: over last week's opening weekend, THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS took in $100.2 million between Thursday night and Sunday.

Ready to drop your jaw? The film took in an additional $432.3 million in more than 30 countries overseas, including China – with $190 million in weekend ticket sales.

THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS had the third largest opening in the series' history and one of the best domestic opening weekends on record for an April release.

Two more mind-blowing statistics: It cost Universal Pictures more than $350 million to make and market worldwide. Last weekend, it played in nearly 23,000 theaters around the world. One planet indeed.

Unfortunately, this reviewer was greatly disappointed by this FURIOUS #8. It left me cold. Something was definitely missing far beyond the loss of Paul Walker. The screenplay lacked focus. here was far too much excess in what seemed to be overly long segments. Diehard fans will strongly disagree, of course. I sat in my seat long after the credits rolled and the lights came up. The movie was just okay. Thus, a C rating.

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