CES marks 50 years of technology innovation

For 50 years, the Consumer Electronics Show has introduced us consumers to the future in technology.

The show began in New York in 1967 but has grown into the world's largest tech show with more than 165,000 attendees and nearly 4,000 tech companies showcased.

From robotics to drones to the most high def TVs you'll see to date, CES is a global powerhouse of ideas.

"Everyone from around the world is here to talk about technology to talk about the trends to see the latest product," said Jeff Joseph.

The first CES focused on television and radios.

In 1978, the show moved to Las Vegas where the latest innovations in technology would be introduced. For example, the VHS player, the DVD, and high-definition television were all debuted on CES showrooms.

This year, CES organizers hope to drive consumers right into the future.

"It's fascinating to see how fast technology grows and how much it means to consumers, how it empowers us and betters our world," said Joseph.

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