iPhone sinks to bottom of the ocean while recording watery descent

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - An adventurous young man from San Diego, CA is now an internet star after video of his iPhone sinking to the bottom of the ocean in Spain went viral this week.

Gregory Papadin tells News3LV that the video of him and his brother throwing the phone from the ocean to a waiting boat was taken last year during a trip, but in just the last few days more than a million people have viewed the YouTube video of what followed when their game of catch fails.

Viewers see the phone rapidly sink and all the while, the front-facing video camera is recording. The iPhone 5 is securely protected by a Lifeproof case, allowing it to sink, record and survive the pressure.

"I looked down and just saw a tiny, black, rectangle in the water. And I thought, oh you know, that phone is gone! There is no way I'm getting that," says Papadin.

Gregory says he tried to jump in after it but the pressure was just too great for the tourists. That's when their boat captain comes to the rescue.

"The captain of the boat knew how to dive down there. The water pressure was too much for me and my brother, but um, he was able to retrieve it," he says.

In the end, the phone came to the surface unharmed and the video continues to wow everyone who watches.

To see the complete video click here.

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