“Green Ribbon” panelists wanted for incoming green industry

Clark County is seeking applicants for the recreational marijuana 'Green Ribbon Panel'. Tuesday, Clark County Commission agreed to create a 12-member "Green Ribbon Panel" to review the issues of retail marijuana establishments and make recommendations to the board.

The hope is the panel will put Clark County in a position to license businesses quickly once the State writes the rules for recreational marijuana.

There are several questions about selling the drug, including advertising issues. Chief among those questions is how the federally licensed casinos should work with a drug still considered federally illegal.

The County hopes the Green Ribbon Panel can navigate the thin line between a successful tourism industry and questions over the legality.

“I would encourage people to apply for the panel,” said Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, who proposed its creation. “There are a lot of questions about recreational marijuana and we’ll be relying on this panel to examine the various issues and report back to us with their analysis of the impacts and their recommendations.”

Marijuana patient advocate Adam Sternberg of Compassion Nevada tells us he hopes the new panel will help the licensing process for recreational pot run smoother than the criticized relationship between the state and the county during medical marijuana dispensary licensing. A relationship that Sternberg called “Backwards.”

Panel representation will include one person from each of the following: the Gaming Control Board/Commission, the Nevada Resort Association, resort hotels, a “local interest” hotel, a dispensary establishment, a vertically integrated cultivation establishment, a stand-alone cultivation establishment, a laboratory testing establishment, a production establishment, a marijuana patient advocate, an industry association and the Nevada Retail Association.

The application form was posted to the Clark County website. Applications must be submitted via email to by Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 5 p.m.