Spring watering schedule starts Wednesday, March 1

SNWA logo (KSNV)

The Southern Nevada Water Authority reminds residents and businesses to change the watering times on their sprinkler clocks in accordance with the community’s spring watering schedule, beginning Wednesday, March 1.

Mandatory watering restrictions limit landscape irrigation to three assigned days per week from March 1 through April 30, based on each customer’s assigned watering group. Watering restrictions also apply to drip irrigation. Sunday is not an optional watering day.

To determine your watering group, and to learn more about how often and how long to water your landscape, visit

The SNWA recommends property owners use the “cycle and soak” irrigation method to water lawns, by setting their irrigation timers to water three cycles per station in one-hour intervals, at four minutes per cycle. Some lawns require more or less water, depending upon the type of grass; adding or removing one minute from the watering time will change the amount of water you use by 25 percent.

Customers also are reminded to change the clocks on their irrigation timers and adjust their irrigation start times when Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 12.

The SNWA is a not-for-profit regional entity that manages water conservation, water quality and water resource issues for Southern Nevada. Its members include: The Big Bend Water District (Laughlin); the cities of Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas; the Clark County Water Reclamation District; and the Las Vegas Valley Water District.