MAKE-A-WISH: Former Wish Kid turns the tables to become a Wish Granter

Former Wish Kid Rebecca Salinas is now turning the tables and becoming a Wish Granter. (Dana Wagner | KSNV)

It's time for your dose of inspiration on this Monday morning ... but today, we have a twist on Make-A-Wish Monday.

Rebecca Salinas is going from having her wish granted to granting wishes here in our community.

In 2008, Salinas was 12 years old and diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Her wish was to go to Walt Disney World.

Highlights from her granted wish include being tucked into bed by Mayor of Give Kids the World. She also visited Sea World and Wet N Wild in Orlando.

Fast forward to 2017 and Salinas, who will soon be 21, is becoming a Wish granter, herself.

As a former Wish Kid, Salinas understands what they are going through.

"Knowing you could die is such a weird and sad feeling, especially for the young," said Salinas. "My wish was something special to look forward to … even if was just to have a new topic at the dinner table. Taking my mind off of my illness was a gift."

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