Make-A-Wish Monday: Cruise makes Matthew ‘feel like he is the luckiest boy on Earth’

Matthew Ky, 12, on his Disney Cruise thanks to Make-A-Wish. (Photo provided)

On Make-A-Wish Monday, meet Matthew, 12, who suffers from a debilitating seizure disorder called Dravet Syndrome.

Matthew had his first seizure when he was just 9 months old, and a massive seizure he experienced when he was 4 significantly reduced his cognitive and physical abilities to that of a 2-month old.

It took years of speech, physical and occupational therapy for Matthew to recover his abilities and move forward. In August, he celebrated two years since his last seizure.

For his wish, Matthew went on a Disney Cruise, which was his first major trip away from home since his life-altering seizure eight years ago.

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