Make-A-Wish Monday: Lizet finds out she and her family are going to Disneyland

Lizet's wish to go to Disneyland is revealed in front of her friends and family. (Photo courtesy of Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada)

On Make-A-Wish Monday, meet Lizet, 5, who has never known a life free from illness.

Diagnosed with sickle cell anemia at birth, Lizet has never known a carefree childhood. Her condition signifies constant pain in her joints, hidden pain in her chest, dizziness, fatigue and low oxygen in her body.

Lizet’s mom explained that during long days in the hospital, Disney movies and toys kept her distracted and entertained. With this in mind, Lizet's Wish Granters were thrilled when she shared she would love to take her family to Disneyland to experience all her favorite characters, together.

Check out Kim and Dana's page at Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada.

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