Video Vault: Suspect in 1992 Stardust sportsbook robbery remains at large

Stardust Hotel (KSNV)

There have been many casino heists over the years. The perpetrators are usually captured within minutes, hours, days or at least weeks of the crime. But one six-figure swindle from 25 years ago remains a mystery to this day.

“He was supposed to turn in the money at about 2 a.m., and at 1:30, he was observed in the hotel,” Metro Fraud Division Lt. Joe Greenwood told News 3 on Sept. 23, 1992. “And at that time we believe he was leaving the hotel. So he left about 30 minutes prior to the time prior to the time he was required to deposit the money.”

William Brennan had been a mild-mannered employee at the Stardust sportsbook for a couple of years, living in a residential motel across the Strip.

'Kinda kept to himself'

“Pretty nice person,” said Convention Center Lodge Manager Dan Pope. “He never bothered anybody. And never bothered us. Kinda kept to himself a little bit, it seemed like.”

“The managers here say Metro police came by last night and checked Bill Brennan's apartment,” News 3’s Katie Harris told viewers. “They didn't find any sign of him or his cat, who apparently never leaves the apartment.”

His job at the sportsbook was to count the nightly take, so guards seeing him with a bag of chips and cash weren't suspicious – and he chose a night when the numbers were up.

“Oh yeah, Monday Night Football,” overserved sportsbook customer Wilbur Jerles. “That would be a good time to do it.”

Off the grid

Within a day, a warrant was out for embezzlement charges.

“We've entered this in the National Crime Information Center Computer so that any agency that would stop him perhaps not knowing that he was wanted and check his name would reveal that he was a warrant in this state,” said Greenwood.

Bill Brennan has never been captured. The total take was more than $500,000, but of that, only $225,000 was cash, and the remaining chips would have been very difficult to negotiate.

In the end, it’s really not a lot of money for either a lengthy prison sentence or life on the lam.

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