Friends of victim recall odd relationship with husband suspected in her murder

Thomas Randolph in court on Friday, June 16, 2017. (Kyndell Nunley | KSNV)

It has taken a long time for Thomas Randolph's case to make it to trial, marking nine years since a double murder in the northwest valley.

However, friends of victim Sharon Randolph say their memories are clear.

"He just made me nervous," said Toni Beam, the victim's friend. "It wasn't a normal relationship."

"I didn't like him," said Alice Wolfe, another friend of the victim. "I got bad feelings from him."

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Beam and Wolfe say it was a relationship that moved too quickly.

Their friend Sharon married Thomas Randolph after a short courtship.

It's a match Sharon's friends did not understand.

"It wasn't a loving, caring type of thing," said Beam.

And prosecutors say, in May 2008, Randolph ended it.

He reportedly told police that Sharon was shot by an intruder as the couple returned home from dinner and that he killed the intruder.

"I went boom boom boom!" recalled Randolph.

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It's a story detectives did not believe as Randolph walked them through the crime scenes. Sharon's friends didn't believe it, either.

"He said the person who was in the house ran towards the garage and he shot him," said Beam.

"I said, 'Tommy, what did you do?' And he said, 'I didn't do anything. He did it,'" recalled Wolfe.

Prosecutors say that intruder was actually Randolph's friend, Michael Miller, a man, they say, Randolph paid to kill his wife so Randolph could collect life insurance money.

The trial is expected to last through the week. If convicted, prosecutors will ask for the death penalty.

Last week, jurors heard this is not the first time a woman in Randolph's life died violently. In the 1980s, he was tried and acquitted of murdering another wife.

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