Prosecution close to wrapping up in War Machine trial

U.S. Marshal Jesus Baron on the stand for the War Machine trial. He arrested War Machine in Simi Valley, Calif. 3/10/17 (Antonio Castelan | KSNV)

The prosecution is close to wrapping up their side in the War Machine trial.

On Friday, forensic scientists and CSI investigators gave testimony about what evidence they found in the home of War Machine's ex-girlfriend, Christine Mackinday, known by her stage name Christy Mack.

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A witness line-up of law enforcement officers and forensic scientists took the stand as the prosecution continued their case against War Machine. U.S. Marshal Jesus Baron testified about the capture of War Machine at a Simi Valley hotel days after the attack happened. Baron says agents had to use a ramming device to break into the room.

"Isn't it also true that when the door flew open that Mr. Koppenhaver was in the kitchen?” Baron was asked by the defense.

“I don't remember a lot … kitchen?” Baron said.

“What do you remember?" the defense proceeded to ask Baron.

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Forensic scientist David Johnson with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department then took the witness stand. Johnson spoke about the knives and blade found inside Mack's home. The defense questioned Johnson about the handle on one of the knives.

“I was not able to recover any latent prints so I wasn't able to ... I didn't have anything to put into automated finger printing system,” Johnson said.

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The prosecution also brought up LVMPD DNA forensic scientist Jessica Acevedo. The District Attorney’s office tried to build their case on the sexual assault and attempted murder charges War Machine is facing. Acevedo says DNA was found on one of Mack's walls inside her home.

"Having a DNA profile that is consistent with the DNA profile obtained for the evidence sample is approximately 1 in 4.05 quintillion. So how many zeroes is in quintillion is 18. How many people are in the world? Approximately 7.5 billion,” Acevedo said.

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The prosecution finished up their law enforcement testimony from LVMPD CSI investigator William Speas. He spoke about taking pictures of Mack at Sunrise Hospital.

"Did you ever attempt to manipulate her or move her to take photos? Other than having the sheet move up. She was pretty messed up,” Speas said.

The trial resumes on Monday at 1:30 p.m.

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