Cirque du Soleil sues Justin Timberlake for sampling song in 2013 album

Bad news for Justin Timberlake! Cirque du Soleil has filed a copyright lawsuit against the pop singer for accusations of using a sample of one of its production's original songs.

The show says a sample from a song in its "Quidam" production is in Timberlake's "don't hold the wall" track.

The sample is in the singer's 2013 album "The 20-20 experience."

The suit filed Thursday in New York Federal Court seeks $800 thousand in damages.

This is not the only sampling-related lawsuit that has been aimed at Timberlake. The pop star has been sued for using parts of Perry Kibble's "A New Day Is Here At Last" in the 2009 song "Damn Girl." He hasalso been sued by'70s R&B groupSly, Slick and Wicked for using a sample of their song, "Sho' Nuff," in live performances, which the group says Universal never paid for the rights to do.

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