A first look at Neon Museum's 8,000-square foot Boneyard expansion

The Neon Museum is growing with an 8,000-square foot expansion to the Boneyard, with recent deliveries of signs from the Stardust, Riviera, and Polynesian. (KSNV)

The Neon Museum is filled with decades of history and it's getting bigger with an 8,000-square foot Boneyard expansion.

On Friday, new pieces of Las Vegas history were introduced.

A sign from the Stardust was delivered Friday morning and signs from the Riviera and the Polynesian were delivered on Thursday.

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These deliveries are just the beginning. The new lot will soon be filled with 30 additional neon signs all with their own little piece of Las Vegas history to tell.

"By saving the pieces of history as our Strip evolves, as downtown evolves, we can have little bookmarks here that people can remember … their marriages, where they worked, where they met their friends," said Maggie Zarki, Neon Museum Collections Manager.

The expansion is expected to be completed later this year.

UNLV Associate History Professor Michael Green said the Neon Museum is much more than just history, it’s actually two acres of art.

“People like Betty Willis who also did the Moulin Rouge, Raul Rodriguez who did the neon pink Flamingo signage and Brian Lemming who did the Barbary Coast and also worked on the Stardust; these were our classic artists here,” he said.

Green said as the city and technology continues to evolve, so do our signs, which means neon signs will soon fade away too.

“If you go on the strip at night you can see all these incredible signs that are computer generated. It’s not neon.” He said that’s even more of a reason to preserve what we have.

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