ADOPTED | Puppies dumped at a Boulder City laundromat have new homes

Dogs dumped at Boulder City laundromat and left for dead. 4/14/17 (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

Three puppies found abandoned behind a Boulder City Laundromat have been adopted.

The Chihuahua/Terrier mixes were all picked up by their new owners on Tuesday, just 6 days after being rescued from a cage in the sun.

"They wouldn't have lasted 24 hours in that crate. It was too hot. They were too thirsty," explained Animal Control Supervisor, Ann Inabnitt.

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While we don't know who dumped the 12-week-old pups, they now have good homes to go to.

Ed Bible from Boulder City and Dave Balcazar of Las Vegas met News 3 at the shelter ready to take home the 12-week-old puppies.

"I don't understand how you can do that to a dog”. Bible was visibly frustrated at the condition his to be named dog was in. “The one thing that will love you more than itself," he said.

Balcazar is naming his dog “Chewy” and plans on introducing him to his Bulldog puppy when he gets home. “We saw the story and it was heartbreaking," Balcazar told us.

Anne Inabnitt hopes the pups’ story will serve as a cautionary tale to other owners who feel overwhelmed. Her message is simple, “Come to the shelter and we will help you.”

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