Allergies under attack due to early pollen season

Allergies under attack due to early pollen season. 3/20/17 (MGN Online)

Itchy, watery eyes, congestion and don't forget the sneezing. Have you seen the yellow dust collecting on your car? The culprit is pollen and it has been floating in the air much earlier than expected this year. Plants pollinated by insects are not the biggest offenders, the highest pollen producers are male trees that spread pollen by the wind. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Professor M.L. Robinson said this pollen came early this year due to the mild winter and early spring.

"If it's wind pollinated we know it has to produce copious amounts of pollen," said M.L. Robinson.

UNLV tracks pollen and researchers there said the Mulberry tree that makes the green or yellow powder we see in the air is making record amounts of pollen. Mulberry is producing a record amount of pollen; the highest level ever seen at 15,000 grains/m3.

Allergy sufferers should prepare for the long haul because those conditions are likely to be here for months to come. If the temperatures stay in the 80's and low 90's the season will last longer. Robinson said when we get to the point it’s so hot we don’t want to go outside that’s when allergy season will wrap up too.

Cedar plant pollen released in January, but it’s normally expected the end of February when it's normally expected. Daliah Wachs, M.D. said patients should look to their doctor for answers and relief. She suggests keeping car window rolled up, home windows shut tight, and to clean up before sitting on the couch or jump in bed. It will help reduce the effect of pollen on your allergies.

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