Arrest Report: Marijuana in blood leads to deadly crash

The crash happened in March of last year. Ashly Hanlon, driving a white Chrysler convertible sped through a red light at Charleston and Rampart and caused a three-car crash.

The collision was so violent her car fused with a Toyota Corolla. The driver of that Corolla, an 86-year-old man named George Nazarian, was killed in the crash.

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The speedometer of Ashly Hanlon’s car was stuck at eighty-five miles per hour when police arrived on scene.

For the next six months, police investigated what may have caused the crash. Hanlon had a history of seizures and was not taking any medication for a seizure disorder.

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A witness to the accident said she saw Hanlon “appear to be convulsing like a seizure.”

A blood test administered to Hanlon after the crash came back positive for THC, the marijuana metabolite.

Hanlon was charged with driving under the influence and reckless driving.

She is scheduled to face a jury in July.

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