Athletic trainer awarded for life-saving technique

Athletic trainer awarded for life-saving technique (KSNV)

A Cheyenne High School Senior is alive because of an athletic trainer who knew how to perform CPR and know how to use a heart defibrillator.

Chely is yet another example of how great our community is and when it comes to life or death, we are Vegas Strong.

The parents of the Centennial High School Senior give all the praise to trainer Cely Arias.

It was October and their daughter stopped breathing and fell to the field. Chely did what she was trained to do: CPR, directing a 911 call and applying an AED device to start the student's heart.

All of while the student's mom and dad watched for seven agonizing minutes.

"I thought it was over when I saw her laying there," said the Cheyenne High schoolers dad.

But Chely didn't give up until coaxing a pulse from the student's heart.

"I was just focused on her…If you hear me squeeze my hand," Chely said.

And that, Chely says is the takeaway: Everyone should know CPR and ever school should be ready to save a life.

"Every school should have it at every sporting event," said Chely.

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