Basketball madness means big bucks in Vegas

March Madness is in full swing and local sports books are filled. 3/16/17 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

The college basketball championship tournament is underway and one sports book director thinks they're breaking a record this year when it comes to sports betting.

When it comes to the college basketball tournament all these people piled into a sports book equal a healthy economy in our state.

"There's no doubt we expect to set a new record set for this tournament," said Jay Kornegay, director of the Westgate SuperBook.

Kornegay says although Super Bowl betting numbers may be comparable to what they do during March Madness, the crowds are not.

"The Super Bowl crowd you see a lot more couples, maybe they're more distinguished you have a lot more females. The March Madness crowd it's all made up of guys. It's the ultimate man-cation," Kornegay said.

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So News 3 got behind the velvet ropes of a group of guys from Minnesota.

Larry Klecker and his buddies have been coming to the SuperBook for this tournament for six years.

"It's the comradery, it's the trash talk. Me and my boys come here, it's all about who got this right and wrong," Klecker said.

Like nearly everyone in here, Klecker has some money riding on the games.

"You're sweating every point, every possession, it's crazy, it's awesome," Klecker said.

It’s madness in the sports book that serves as evidence that sports betting is larger now than ever before.

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