Central Las Vegas family woken up by wanted man who shot bounty hunter

A bounty hunter is shot in the line of duty in this neighborhood near North Torrey Pines Drive and U.S. 95 in Las Vegas. (Thuan Nguyen/KSNV)

A bounty hunter was shot in the line of duty Monday night by a wanted man. The search for the bad guy led officers to the backyard of a central Las Vegas home.

The man is now at the Clark County Detention Center. The homeowner who discovered the man is thankful she was not hurt.

The homeowner who did not want to be identified said, "My husband and I woke up and heard a loud bang in the backyard."

The homeowner says she's still scared after a wanted man hid behind a trashcan placed in her backyard.

Police say Monday night they were on the search for a man who shot a bounty hunter. The shooting took place in a neighborhood near Rainbow Boulevard and Washington Avenue.

"The police officer called me on my cellphone told me to get my children — get down from the windows and doors", said the homeowner.

Officers were called out to help the bounty hunter after he was wounded. the wanted man was armed and dangerous.

"It was scary because my husband went outside to check and see what was going on and something could happen to him."

Officers managed to make an arrest. Brigitte Wells owns a bail company. Wells who refers to herself as a "bail enforcement agent" says it's tough to hear when a bounty hunter has been shot in the line of duty.

"You don't know when and if. you are dealing with humanity and different people. different scenarios and different changes for each individual", said Wells.

Wells says it is every bail bonds company’s responsibility to get the people who try to hide from the law.

"Not only does the court want them back and it's our legal duty."

The condition of the bounty hunter is unknown.

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