City looks to get the ball rolling on a potential pro soccer team at Cashman Field

The annual Big League Weekend between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds at Cashman Field takes place Saturday, March 25, 2017, in Las Vegas. (Tom Hawley/KSNV)

Will you soon be able to catch a professional soccer game at Cashman Field? The Las Vegas City Council voted in approval today, beginning the negotiations needed to get the ball rolling on answering that question.

Earlier this month, the city council approved the transfer of Cashman Center ownership from the LVCVA to the city.

From there, the city says it received an unsolicited request from the United Soccer League to use Cashman Field.

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It will be an expansion team, and the USL isn't wasting any time. They'd like to start training at Cashman next spring for the 2018 season.

USL officials also argue that the move could increase the chances of a Major League Soccer team kicking off in Las Vegas. That's a change many would call a goal, especially in light of the latest developments for major league sports locally.

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"When a professional sports team comes into a market, it basically opens the door for every other professional sport outlet to look at that city as well. My prediction is, now that we have the Las Vegas Golden Knights, we have the Las Vegas Raiders, I truly believe that most definitely we will have Major League Soccer that comes in next and from there I believe it will be the NBA and after the NBA it will be Major League Baseball," said Councilman Ricki Barlow, Ward 5. "If you look at all of the markets throughout the United States, the entrance was at the mid-level, and for that, it opened the opportunity for the MSL to come into the major markets. Las Vegas wouldn't be any different."

As of now, the USL plans show the soccer field fitting right over the diamond of the Las Vegas 51's. Should the baseball team stay at Cashman, the USL adds that they'd stack their games around the 51's schedule, effectively sharing the field.

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