Third fire in 20 days rages through Solaire apartment complex near Maryland and Sahara

Clark County fire crews are battled a massive apartment fire in an apartment building near Maryland and Sahara that damaged several units Thursday night.

The fire started just after 10 at the Solaire West Apartment. Firefighters say an older attic above the apartments allowed the fire to spread quickly. Fire crews were able to put the fire out 30 minutes later.

This is the second fire the break out in this apartment in the last two weeks. On March 7, 16 people were displaced from a different fire.

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On February 25 this year, yet another fire raged through the same complex, which affected at least seven apartments

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No injuries have been reported, even though residents say they heard screaming as they were escaping the building.

"We went to the staircase -- we were gonna try to go up and see if we could do anything -- and about that time the flames just blew out the stairwell,” said witness Rick Funderburk. β€œIt was just-- the heat was so intense. And at that point we were, like, hoping to God that all the kids or whoever we heard screaming were not in there, because it was just incredible."

Firefighters say they did *not* find anyone inside the burning units. The number of people displaced by the fire was not immediately known.

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