Clark County's first medical marijuana dispensary opens to the general public

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) -- Clark County's first medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors to the general public Wednesday morning.

Euphoria Wellness, a medical marijuana dispensary located in the southwest valley, began selling to any approved medical marijuana card holders Wednesday morning after a "soft opening" earlier this week.

"We've been talking with patients that have been patients for 15 years - that have been waiting in Nevada to get their medicine," said Darlene Purdy of Euphoria Wellness. "We are extremely excited we are able to serve patients and be the first in Las Vegas to do so."

Euphoria Wellness is one of 40 state-approved dispensaries in Clark County but is the first in Southern Nevada to open for business.

Linda Tincher and her husband moved to Las Vegas from Tennessee more than a year ago in search of better climate and medical marijuana. Linda has COPD while her husband suffers from nerve damage.

"Let's put it this way, we moved out here for other reasons but we're staying for this," Tincher said after purchasing medical marijuana neatly packed away in a prescription bottle.

Currently the dispensary does not offer edible medicines but expects to do so as early as October.