Cliven Bundy’s attorney back on the case

Rancher Cliven Bundy is shown in April 2014 near his ranch in Bunkerville, Nev. (MGN Online)

The attorney Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy tried and failed to get taken off the case, is now back on the case.

This follows a bizarre request by Bundy to represent himself in his case stemming to 2014 standoff at Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville.

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Attorney Bret Whipple filed paperwork to inform the judge in the case of his client’s desire to represent himself. The judge denied the request.

Whipple tells News 3 he and Bundy’s relationship is intact, saying “We’re fine, we’re always fine. Mr. Bundy was just frustrated he couldn’t get his viewpoint out.”

Whipple says people think Bundy’s beef with the feds is about money.

“Everybody thinks it’s about money. It’s not. It’s about who receives the money," said Whipple.

Bundy believes the U.S. Government never owned the land that his family has run cattle on for more than a century.

Bundy believes a 1800s land transfer gave the land to the state of Nevada, and Whipple says, Bundy has paid grazing fees to the rightful owner of the land which is Clark County.

“So he’s willing to pay, he has paid, but they just sent it back," said Whipple. And that is the messaging drum Bundy wanted Whipple to beat.

Trouble is, that’s not why Whipple represents his client in a criminal case.

Whipple’s message to Bundy? “Let me get you out of jail, and then you can take your case about who owns the land to Washington. He’s getting the cart before the horse.”

Whipple told News 3 his client is willing to give up his freedom to make the point over the land.

“He’s had freedom taken away a year and a half. No privacy. No freedom. It’s driving him crazy.”

The Bundy trial is scheduled to start Oct. 10 at the federal courthouse in downtown Las Vegas.

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