Defaced with bacon: Local Mosque reports hate crime to police

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - Muslims are on edge as authorities search for the suspect behind what is now being called a hate crime. The Las Vegas Muslim community is stunned after a vandal targeted a Spring Valley Mosque over the weekend.

Police say raw bacon was wrapped on door handles outside Masjid-e-Tawheed. Surveillance video shows worshipers finding the pork Sunday just before their early morning prayer.

"The pork, the bacon it's forbidden which is haram in Islam to eat it or touch it," says Ismaeel Almughrabe.

Video shows that at 3:17 a.m., a man tossed bacon at the backdoor of the mosque. Seconds later the same man is seen at the front door doing the same thing. At one point he struggles to open the package as he puts a few strips in his mouth.

Founding member of the mosque, Rokai Yusufzai is still trying to make sense of the act.

"I hope that in his conscience in his heart he feels ashamed of what he did," says Yusufzai.

Ashamed to be part of a growing anti-Muslim sentiment that Al Mujhrabe says is fueled by stereotypes.

"What if one of us came early to do some prayer and he met this person face to face what will happen? Maybe he could be armed," says Almughrabe.

Almughrabe says he has a peaceful message for the man who defaced his place of worship:

"Invite him to our community, to talk with him, about our deen our Islam our religion. We are peaceful people," says Almughrabe.