Defense concedes War Machine is guilty of beating Christy Mack

War Machine speaks to his council ahead of closing arguments in his jury trial 3/16/17 (Antonio Castelan | KSNV)

It's all up to the jury now. The prosecution and defense have rested their case in the War Machine trial.

The defense actually conceded that their client is guilty of beating Christy Mack, the defendant's ex-girlfriend.

"He kept her in that room so he could kill her – that's the defendant's own words, ‘Now I've got to kill you.’ He had an independent purpose beyond sexual assault. You can convict on both and the state has proven both beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Deputy DA Rob Stephens.

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Stephens told jurors War Machine attacked former girlfriend Christy Mack and asked the jury to find him guilty on all counts. Stephens again emphasized with jurors the aggressive beating Mack and Corey Thomas allegedly suffered at the hands of War Machine.

"The defendant attacked and pummeled Corey Thomas. He's guilty of counts 27 through 34 for those acts. He attacked and beat and coerced and sexually assaulted Ms. Mackinday,” said Stephens.

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Defense attorney Jay Leiderman conceded those counts and agreed his client was guilty of beating Mack and Thomas, but he thought otherwise on the attempted murder charge.

"If this guy got Corey Thomas in a rear naked choke and really wanted to put the pressure on and really wanted to kill him, he could've done it. And if he really wanted to kill Ms. Mackinday, all he had to do was keep hitting her,” said Leiderman.

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Leiderman also asked the jury to not hold it against War Machine for not testifying.

"The fact of the matter is he didn't. It's his privilege not to do that and as the judge has instructed you it's not to be considered,” said Leiderman.

The prosecution reminded the jury of War Machine's arrest in Simi Valley, Calif. The Deputy DA said it showed he was running away because of his guilt.

"All of this shows the consciousness of guilt,” said Stephens.

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