Doctor accused of sex assault says secret affair led to role play

Suspended doctor, accused of drugging and raping his patients takes the stand. 5/18/17 (KSNV)

Ben Chung testified on his behalf, Thursday. Chung said only one woman appears in sexually explicit videos he recorded and the sex was consensual. She is the same woman who took the stand days earlier, accusing him of rape.

Chung says he was having a secret affair with the victim. At the time he lied to his wife. In the video when the woman appears unconscious. He says the two are role playing his sexual fantasy.

Defense: Is she unconscious... is she asleep?

Chung: She is awake in that video.

Defense: You are going to have to explain that...

Chung: She is wide awake in that video, essentially, it's a Sleeping Beauty fetish that I had.

But prosecution painted another picture as they reviewed text messages and video recordings. The prosecution asked Chung to explain why the woman he was having sex with was not moving -- if the scenario was role play. As for another victim... Chung says he injected her with a drug for a complex medical treatment -- he recorded it to protect himself.

Prosecution: She had so much anxiety that she fell ill?

Chung: She had stress about the ... like I said she had a needle phobia and I believe she blacked out from just having the injection itself.

Prosecutors were trying to prove there was more than one woman in the video. They also questioned him about other victims. Chung admitted he used sedatives like drugs to help patients but only for medical purposes.

Friday morning, closing arguments will begin.


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