Doctor convicted of drugging and assaulting patients sentenced to life in prison

Dr. Binh Chung appears in court Monday, July 10, 2017, for his sentencing at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas. (Donald Lane/KSNV)

The doctor convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting patients has been sentenced.

Dr. Binh "Ben" Chung was sentenced on Monday to life in prison, with eligibility for parole after 50 years.

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"All I ever wanted to do was help people," said Chung. "With that said, I ask your Honor to be merciful in you sentencing for me."

In court, Chung said he always felt there was a purpose for him in the United States. He escaped Vietnam as a young boy and entered medicine.

It's a far cry from where the disgraced doctor stood on Monday, addressing the court one last time.

Chung was arrested in 2015 after his wife found the recordings and went to police.

On May 22, a jury found Chung guilty of 11 of 14 charges he faced, including four counts of sexual assault, three counts of administration of a drug to aid the commission of a felony, first-degree kidnapping, and use of minor in producing pornography, since one of the victims was just 16 years old. He was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting at least four patients who came to his medical office for treatment.

After more than eight hours of deliberations, a local jury decided Chung abused his position, drugging and assaulting unconscious patients inside his medical office. Some of the crimes were also secretly recorded.

Chung took the stand during the trial, denying accusations he sexually assaulted any of his patients. He says the videos that he recorded in his clinic were a role play of a woman he was having a secret affair with, the same person who was one of his accusers.

He told a jury that as part of his so-called "Sleeping Beauty" fetish, the woman would pretend to be asleep.

One patient responded in court.

"I never could have imagined that he was a monster," said the victim. "His continued conduct of lying on the stand and revictimizing me shows a lack of remorse."

That patient was hardly alone. Another woman told the judge she still doesn't know everything Chung did to her while she was unconscious.

"I can't trust anybody, I can't go to the doctor alone," said the second victim.

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Prosecutor Alexander Chen calls the sentence appropriate.

"As my co-counsel pointed out, good people do, do bad things. Sometimes in this particular case he may have done good but at the same time he was deserving of the 50 years he got, as well," said Chen.

This isn't the last of the trouble for Dr. Chung. Just today, News 3 received a copy of a civil lawsuit against him.

One of his victims -- listed as a Jane Doe -- is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

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