Does Las Vegas have a Millennial problem?

Does Las Vegas have a Millennial problem? 4/04/17 (KSNV)

“If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen.” This comes from at 24-year-old tourist while lining up in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. She and her friends are snapping photos on their last day in town.

Another tourist, 26-years-old, tells me “I’m here with my mom, she’ll go to the casinos and I’ll probably stay outside the casino.”

They're part of a generation of millennials that look at Las Vegas completely differently, if at all. According to a CBS news report, in 2014 18 million millennials visited Vegas, in 2015 that number dropped to 14 million. They were quoting numbers from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority who would not confirm those numbers to us. Other numbers available on their website show a decline in millennials and another statistic; in a town known for gambling just 3% of millennial visitors come to gamble.

It’s a major reason why casinos are looking to new technology to spark a change.

They’ve already invested in clubs, shows, shops, and attractions that make a good photo. Now they’re looking at new games to get them gambling again.

GameCo, a company operating in Atlantic City, is moving to Nevada to expand their business. They make casino games out of arcade games, like first person shooters. They’re working on getting licensed in the state but say the games they have in Atlantic City casinos show promise.

“Sixty percent of our customers are under 40-years-old” CEO Blaine Graboyes tells me on the phone, “so we're definitely attracting a younger audience”.

Las Vegas’ slogan has long been “What happens here stays here”, they’ll probably be ok if those Vegas nights live on, on Instagram.

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