Family of woman killed in motorcycle crash believe she was not at fault

A mother of three died in a deadly motorcycle accident. Police say it seems the rider lost control of her bike, but family members aren't accepting the reports of their loved one being at fault.

The crash happened near Charleston and Eastern Tuesday afternoon.

Shaylyn Thomas is the victim’s daughter. Thomas said, "She had the biggest heart. She was always happy. She was all around the most amazing beautiful person."

Shaylyn Thomas remembers her mother, 45-year old Caroline Easterwood as the best mom anyone could have. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says Tuesday afternoon Easterwood lost control of her Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The bike went into a wall.

"I have heard a car cut her off and that's how she went running into the curb', says Thomas.

Both Easterwood's daughter and her sister, Tan Moore don't believe their loved one was to blame for the crash.

Moore said, "There's blank spots and it just doesn't sound complete."

Easterwood was a part of an all female bike club named Family MC. Brenda Page heads up the club and says Easterwood was an outstanding motorcycle rider.

"She loved her bike. She got her new bike. She did an upgrade. She loved her bike", said Paige.

Thomas will always remember her mom as a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan who would do anything to make others happy. "She held our family together. She was the biggest piece of the puzzle", said Thomas.

The Easterwood family says they want answers about why the accident happened before they accept her loss.

"This wasn't her first bike ride. She's been doing this for quite awhile", said Moore.

Caroline Easterwood leaves behind three children.

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